Mar 19, 2017


Time management strategies often focus on time itself. How long is it taking you to complete something? Are you getting enough done in the time you have? This results in a focus on the activity, or the action, rather than the result, or the outcome. This distracts you from what really matters, which is the outcome or what you’re getting for your time, and leads you towards a path of frustration and the feeling that you’re overwhelmed. The right time management system is a way of thinking that focuses on what matters most to you.

The Rapid Planning Method is the ultimate in time management strategies. It is a way to transform your entire mindset by homing your focus on the outcomes that have the highest value to you.
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RPM stands for:
  • Results-focused: What you truly care about are results. What is the outcome that you’re after? Be specific, define your goal in terms of something concrete that you can measure. For example, if you want to lose weight, will you feel satisfied and successful if you lose a pound over the next year? Probably not. The true outcome is to lose 10, 20 – or how many pounds you want to lose. Making your outcomes clear is vital if you want to meet them: Clarity is power.
  • Purpose-driven: Why do you want to accomplish the outcomes that you do? Why is achieving an outcome a must for you? The why, your reasons for wanting something, is the driving force; it is the passion and purpose that will drive you toward your goals.
  • Massive action plan: What do you need to do in order to reach your outcome? Don’t focus on one or two things. Brainstorm and jot down the ideas that come to your head. You can decide which has the most power as you work toward that outcome.
Credit: Tony Robbins